Things Your Wedding Planner Should Handle for You

The stage of planning weddings for a lot of couples is always stressful and tiring. 

Hence, even though it’s a period they’ve been looking forward to, the chunk of responsibilities they have to handle reduces the feel of the moment and replaces it with lots of boring decision-making processes. 

A good way to ease that stress is by hiring a wedding planner for the job. If you’re wondering what you need a wedding planner to help you handle, this article discusses it all. 

Plan Your Engagement Party

One of the best ways to test the services your wedding planner offers is by assigning the planning of the engagement party to them. 

Right from the activities to be done, the decoration of the site, and other important elements to make it romantic, the wedding planner needs to handle it. 

Ensure to discuss all expectations with the planner beforehand. Decide on the choice of vendors to use, e.g photographer, decorator, venue, and lots more. 

Ultimately, the expert should be able to plan the engagement party which will usher in the wedding preparations fully. 

From the little party the planner handles, you’ll be able to know whether or not to continue with the company. It will also inform your decisions on what the wedding day will look like. 

Initiate Family Gatherings

After the engagement, you’ll need to begin full preparations for the wedding. As it is known, the families of the couple need to be informed about this decision, fix a time and discuss the important factors for the wedding ahead. 

Instead of calling and trying to fix a convenient time for all in between your busy schedules, let the wedding planner handle it. 

The wedding planner is an expert in meeting and calling for meetings even when a party shows a huge disinterest in the whole process. 

This individual can slow down things which may cause a crash preparation. However, when the planner through their skills comes into the picture, issues like this get solutions quickly. 

Color Decisions

The choice of color for the occasion is one factor that can be overwhelming. Couples often find it difficult to reach an agreement on color decisions due to conflicting color interests and opinions from the family as well. 

In this case, having someone to help out saves the whole stress of going back and forth on selection. The savior here can be the wedding planner. 

If you’re working with one, then saddle them with the responsibility of getting something that fits all. They are experts and have the best ideas on color palettes and other aesthetic knowledge. 

Of course, you may have to undergo one or more sessions to discuss what your interests are and to hear from the planner as well. But, in the end, it will be worth it all. 

Draw Budgets

Another aspect of wedding planning that can be considered as difficult for couples-to-be is drawing budgets for the list of services and others during the wedding. 

Right from the amount to the budget for wedding dresses, accessories, rings, caterers, decorators, officiants, decorators, and lots more. 

Most couples that are on a stringent budget, hope to get an actual range of amount to be spent. However, this becomes a chore trying to source vendors and get estimates. 

To the rescue comes wedding planners. These individuals know the best players available in a specific location and would dedicate time to visit on your behalf. 

This takes the stress away from you. More so, you get to enjoy attending to other important things while your wedding preparation is ongoing. 

Plan Meetings With Vendors

As much as you trust your wedding planner to deliver a perfect job, it’s best to always have one or two meetings with your potential vendors to discuss the plans and expectations. 

For example, couples love to visit the potential cake baker to test the cakes’ flavors and select their choices. Likewise for other service vendors as well. 

Scheduling meetings with potential vendors can also be a problem just like that of the family explained above. But instead of canceling all your plans for the day just for meetings, discuss with your planner to fix the perfect time. 

All you need do is discuss your schedule with them and they get the work done. 

Yes, it’s that easy. 

Help With Styling

Aside from scheduling meetings, your wedding planner can help with styling as well. Before D-day, other activities may come in between such as pre-wedding pictures, dinner dates, and mini parties with friends (as the case may be). 

So, for all these activities, you need to look good and stand out with your partner as a soon-to-be couple. 

If you get easily confused and tired of selecting clothes, get your wedding planner in the picture. 

By discussing your worries, they’ll take the responsibility for finding the perfect styles for all the planned activities and ensure you’re happy all through. 

To get that confident look for your wedding as well, you could take some expert advice from the wedding planner. 

Design Your Wedding Invitation

Your wedding planner can also offer advice while designing your wedding invitation. Since they have a good knowledge of colors and aesthetics, there will be samples available for you to select from. After the decision is then made, you can proceed to hire a designer for the job. 

Send Out Invitation Cards

As soon as the invitation cards are ready, you can assign the role of sending them out to the wedding planner. This is a whole task on its own which may take a toll on you if you’re looking to handle it personally. So, let the planner handle it. 

The amount of responsibilities the wedding planner takes on and its importance is one of the reasons why you should hire someone trustworthy. Write out your guest list beforehand and include the addresses in the list. 

On the other hand, since it’s a technologically advanced age, you can opt for e-invites. These are even more affordable and easier to share around. 

Also, you can assign the task of sharing to your wedding planners. All you need is the mail addresses of the individuals and the task will be done. 

Monitor Your Special Guests

This is no joke and those who have gone through the face of wedding preparation can attest to this fact. More than other guests, your special guests need to have proper accommodation, feeding, and other conveniences to be cared for.

So, you must add this to your to-do list and ensure you discuss the details with the vendors you’re hiring. 

Aside from the extra amenities that you will make available for your special guests during your wedding, you need someone to monitor their trips to and fro the venue. You have to be sure they’re comfortable. 

But to be honest, it will escape your mind when your wedding is just a day away, so let the planner handle the job. 

Monitor the Event

A lot of couples get tired and exhausted on their wedding days because they were everywhere the day before—from checking the decor to welcoming guests, checking the event venue, and lots more. 

Really, your mind will be fixed on all these and you would wish to be there to monitor things perfectly. It’s even worse if you’re a perfectionist. 

But, it’s not advisable. Rather, you need someone to do all the checks for you. That’s the wedding planner. 

After the decisions have been made on the vendors, services, and activities to be rendered during the wedding, the planner has to monitor the preparation and setups the day before. 

So, they check the decor and ensure it aligns with the idea including other areas too. Also, if there are corrections, the planner would quickly call for an adjustment. All these will be catered for by the planner while you get your beauty sleep.

Taking Care of All Guests

The wedding planner isn’t only for the special guests, but all guests for the wedding. 

The wedding planner during the ceremony has to be on standby to ensure everyone is enjoying and happy. All of that shouldn’t be your worry because you’re the star of the day. 

A disruption from an unruly guest can change your mood and spoil the day. So, inform the planner to stay alert and ensure everyone gets to share the joy and love your union will be radiating. 

Performing the Last Checks

Right from the day before when all corrections will be made, the wedding planner proceeds to ensure all activities are completed during the wedding. They ensure your special requests are not omitted and discussed activities are carried out. 

The planner just gives you that dream wedding experience you’ve always wanted and ensures you’re happy. 

The Big Getaway

After the series of activities for the day, the couple retires to “a happily-ever-after experience”. That right there is also the responsibility of the planner. 

They are there to give you the grand exit you want at the wedding and see to the smooth ride to your honeymoon. 

Wrapping Up

The wedding planner does it all as you can see. From the moment of engagement to the time of hugs, kisses, and byes after the wedding ceremony, the planner has one activity to engage in. So, if you’re worried about how to go about the wedding preparation, get your planner involved in almost everything. 

It’s nothing but bliss.

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