Top 5 Tips for Designing Your Wedding Band

You already gave your spouse the engagement ring, but now it is time to choose the wedding ring as the special day draws near. 

Often, wedding bands are for a lifetime, and whether or not you have plans to change the design later, you should ensure that the design is unique and to your preference. 

There are many designs you could try for your wedding ring, and even though we could suggest a list of designs to try out, we believe it is better if you come up with a customized design that fits your taste, personality, and preference. 

Here are the top 5 tips for designing your wedding band. 

Do some research

You will have to settle for the best of the few choices if you have limited choices. This means you might later see other designs and discover that you could have done better. 

So, before choosing any design, ensure you do enough research to have a wide range of choices. With enough research, you will have a clearer image of how you want your wedding band to look. 

When you are getting ready to research designs for your wedding band, do not go with a blank mind. Think of how you want the ring to look, this will make it easier to focus on designs similar to what you truly want. 

Also, you should look for a design that fits your engagement ring, especially if you wear both rings on the same finger. 

Go to Instagram, Pinterest, and other sites to get inspiration. The more images you see, the more you will know your taste and get more ideas. 

Do well to save images of designs that resonate well with you, and you could also ask for your spouse’s opinion. 

Make practical choices

When choosing designs for wedding rings, it is normal to be very sentimental because of the emotion attached to the event and object. However, it is best if you can be practical in your chives. 

The design you will choose for the band has to align with your everyday life. Some might argue that they will not wear the ring every day, but this does not mean you should go for something extravagant and impractical. 

What do you do with your hands every day? Consider your occupation. Some workplaces will not allow certain types of rings. 

If you work around children, you can not have a ring with sharp prongs, and nurses can not have rings with large diamonds. So, after choosing different designs, ask yourself if all will fit your lifestyle. 

You should consider your lifestyle also because of the durability of the ring. You will not want to have a washed ring three days after your wedding. 

Highly-polished rings have a higher chance of getting scratched than a ring with an engraved finish. If you are into the construction business or you work with soil, you might not want to choose a ring with a polished finish. 

Your choice of metal is crucial as well. Platinum will endure longer and be less prone to bend if you have a manual job because it is harder and more resilient than white gold. 

If you will wear both the engagement ring and wedding band, the metal you choose is crucial as platinum can corrode gold. Ideally, both rings should be platinum. 

But if you wish to mix metals, talk to your jeweler to see if wear and tear can be reduced. The amount of this, though, can depend on the design and how they sit together.

If you love extravagance, you can have a special ring suitable for formal events and parties, but you should design your everyday ring as something that fits all your activities. 

Choose what reflects you

In a world of extravagance and sophistication, do not be afraid to be simple or plain if that is what you want. 

Just because you are choosing a design does not mean you have to go for something extraordinary or extravagant. Wedding bands are meant to reflect your personality and taste. It can be fashionable, unique, or sophisticated; it all depends on you. 

It is often advised that your wedding ring complements your engagement ring, but that does not mean your design options have to be limited. 

If your proposal was a surprise, your spouse might have gotten an engagement ring without your input, this sometimes means the engagement band’s design is not 100% to your taste. 

If that is so, you do not have to subject yourself to getting a wedding ring that looks the same. You can simply look for a design that does not look odd with the engagement ring. 

Also, there are many tips that advise you to be simple, but if you want to be extra, by all means, do that. There are no hard and fast rules about your wedding ring. Go for what fits you and reflects your personality. 

And while choosing your design, remember comfort. No matter the design you choose, ensure you are comfortable with it. 

If you tend to have skin irritation, do not go for designs that react with detergents, creams, and other contaminants, as they might trigger skin irritation. 

Also, remember the comfort of those around you; rough or pointy edges can easily scratch your partner or children. 

Take your time

If your wedding is close by, you might not have the luxury of taking your time as you will have to get the band customized before your wedding. 

This is why it is often advised to have your wedding preparation long before your wedding. This allows you to choose what you truly want without pressure from the close date. 

When doing your research, you will notice many attractive designs, which means you will be at crossroads regarding the best design to pick. If you keep doing your research, you will find a more appealing design than the one you found the previous day. 

This is the same way the designs you found attractive the previous day might look archaic the next day. There will always be new and more beautiful designs, so if you pick one in a rush, you might end up regretting your decision when you find a design that suits your personality more. 

To avoid making a mistake, it is best you took your time while going for a design. If you’re researching with Pinterest, you can save the designs you find attractive on a board so that you can always go back and check.  

If not, you can simply save the designs in a folder on your phone. You can keep checking back to add or remove the designs as you desire. With time, you will notice the design that resonates more with your personality, and you can easily customize your design with that design. 

Another important piece of advice is not to go with the trends. There are always new trends concerning weddings and designs, and you can not exhaust them all. If you go for a design because it is trending at the time, what will you do when it is no longer in trend after a year? 

Decide carefully and slowly so that you can choose what you will always love, whether it is in trend or not. 

Choose the right designer

Many people often overlook the importance of the designer when choosing the wedding band’s design. Remember that it is the designer that will bring to life your imagination, meaning they have to see what you see and know if it will work, as you said. 

Some designs might be unrealistic, and some can be made better than you imagined, and you will only know this if the designer is skilled and experienced. 

You should know your designer before making the final decision on the ring’s design. This will help you carry the designer along whenever you see a design that suits your taste. 

You can also describe what you want to the designer and ask for images of previous designs s/he has customized.

More importantly, it will all come to waste if you choose the best designer but do not listen to their advice. The designer has more experience, else, you would be designing the ring yourself. So do not get ahead of the designer. 

Listening to them helps you realize the impracticality of some designs and the extravagance of others. If your ring design is not working, the designer will make an improved version that suits your taste if you allow it. Work well with them and get the ring design of your dream.


As much as a wedding design can be forever, you could get another one if you wish to, so do not put too much pressure on yourself to get the perfect design. Be flexible! 
Go for comfortable designs that fit your personality, choose a reputable ring designer, take your time, and do not allow yourself to be stressed out because of the wedding ring design. Your wedding ring is your choice, explore options and choose the best for You!

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