Top Bachelorette Party Ideas

Planning a bachelorette party is one of the major events that come up during the wedding preparation process. While your friends may be planning a surprise party, take a step ahead to organize yours too. 

It’s also one of the best ways to appreciate their efforts during the preparation especially if they were available for shopping and ordering items like suits, rings, etc. 

Here are some top bachelorette ideas that you can try out.

  • Party on the Sea

You can never go wrong with partying on the sea either in a boat or cruise ship. It’s one of the best ways to relieve moments of tireless wedding preparation and enjoy life with your guys. 

If you live near the seaside, partying near the seaside for your bachelorette gathering will be a nice idea. You can rent a boat and order some drinks with good food or meat for everyone to munch on. 

Don’t forget to add some good music too. Then, plan towards enjoying your life to the fullest during the party. It will be one to remember for a lifetime. 

  • Adult Camp

Inviting your friends over for a weekend camp or during the holidays is another good idea for a bachelorette party. 

If your guys will be coming over from different cities and even countries, the camp will be a good way to gist and catch up on old times. 

You could also plan activities to engage in during the camping period like mountaineering, hunting, hiking, and even sporting activities. 

To erase that feeling of loneliness during the camp period, ask your partners to come along. You could also get your girl to plan her girly activities for her friends while the guys do theirs. 

Camping with your guys for the bachelorette party is a fun idea to try out. 

  • Throw a Beach Party

If you won’t be going for the cruising on the sea idea but would love something by the sea, throw a beach party. 

Organize a beautiful part of the beach to set up your edibles and music. Then expect your friends to come to celebrate with you. 

To switch things up, you can decide to wear a particular shade and play games. If y’all grew up together, then talk about your childhood days, the fun and interesting moments. 

You’ll find yourselves rolling with laughter and get to enjoy the periods before tying the knot. 

  • House Party

Here’s another good suggestion for a bachelorette party for you. If you’re the type that loves staying indoors, then use this to your advantage. 

Parties can be interesting indoors too, you know? For a new environment, rent a shorter apartment for a day or two and get your friends over for the fun. 

You can decide to follow a program of events or leave it to happen as time passes. Either way, you’ll have maximum fun with your friends who have come to share in your joy. 

A good way to reduce spending when throwing a house party is by telling everyone to come with an edible. Some will come with wines, food, snacks, desserts, and lots more. You’ll not only have enough to eat but also to keep for the next day. 

  • Festival Party

If your bachelorette date is towards a festive period, then plan to attend with your friends. This is one unique bachelorette party idea that everyone would love and keep talking about for a while. The festival could be music or even cultural where you get to learn about new things while having wild fun.

Searching for the venue shouldn’t be a problem if you’re familiar with the environment. If not, simply check the online sites and plan to attend with your friends. You could also get an opportunity to meet your celebrity crushes as well. 

  • Car Racing

Who says a bachelorette party has to involve music and those conventional activities? Step out from the ordinary and plan to get your friends into some wild fun by planning car races to commemorate your wedding ahead. 

Either for a bride or groom, car racing with your gees will challenge you without limiting the level of fun you’ll enjoy. If you’ve been seeing all those action movies with awesome stunts, it’s time to try them all out. 

  • Paintball

Getting a little messy shouldn’t be a problem especially if you’ll be having fun with your guys. A good little messy idea for a bachelorette is paintballing. 

Unlike the general opinion, it’s not only for children and you’ll enjoy searching around for the opposing team. It’ll also get you in the energetic mood you’ll need for the wedding day. 

Do you know what makes it even more special? It’s because you spend a lesser amount and still get to enjoy maximum fun. To ease out the whole running around feeling, take some time out to relax with your desired edibles. 

  • Karaoke

Here’s another idea for you to try out. Everyone loves music but it gets funny when it’s time to produce a single. If you have that friend who has always boasted about his lovely voice, then use this as an opportunity to go karaoke. 

Be prepared! There will be lots of good, old, and ugly voices. Maybe not that bad, but some will trigger laughter while others will get you in the best moods. 

The goal is to have fun right? That you’ll have at the karaoke bar. 

  • Cooking Competition

Why order food and drinks when you can get this done yourselves? A good indoor bachelorette party idea is engaging in a cooking competition. 

You can group your friends into two, three, or as much as the kitchen can take. Prepare the ingredients and set the ball rolling. 

You know the competition isn’t complete without timing right? Select someone as the timekeeper and another as the judge. 

You’ll be surprised at how much this little activity will show the hidden talents in your friends. Ultimately, it’s a good way to get everyone together under a roof, doing the same things and having premium fun. 

  • Photoshoot

If you think this will be boring, just hold on. Photo shoots are always fun when you have friends around. To make it more fun, plan to have different costumes for everyone to wear. 

For example, think about cowboy/girl costumes, Halloween, etc. Change into these and take pictures with them. 

The appearance the costume will give you and your friends will lead to a lot of gist and laughter. 

Sometimes, the little things go a long way to becoming very fun and interesting. That’s why the photo shoot idea is part of this list.

  • Movies

Popcorns, duvets, and movies are a good combination. If you won’t be going to the cinema to see the movie, then plan to have a movie party at home. Get enough popcorn for everyone, drinks if needed, and select a really interesting movie to see. 

If you’re looking at hosting your friends for more than a day, you could select a series to watch. You can as well print movie stickers for your guests to hold onto during the movie. 

When all has been done, ask everyone to talk about what they enjoyed during the movie. Lessons will be learned and fun will be enjoyed. 

  • Games Party

Everything could be pure games, you know? From PES to drinking games and other ones, plan a game night bachelorette party if you love it. 

After the various stress of the day and to usher in the weekend, get your friends in the mood by preparing different gamepads at the venue. Also, if you’ll be considering other game types like drinking or dancing, prepare ahead for them too. 

There are a lot of creative and interesting games that will help you relax and enjoy the moment. 

  • Shopping

If you’re planning an indoor party for the evenings, you can plan to go shopping with your friends. Shopping can be in various forms, it could be a way for your friends to help out with some selection of last-minute items. 

It could be to get some nice wear for your post-wedding outings and lots more. Just get them to go out and have fun. Take pictures, eat out, and then go home to continue with the activities.

  • Spa Date

Just before it ends, here’s one last suggestion for you. Give your friends that exquisite treatment by booking a spa session. 

On the other hand, as a friend of the couple, you can surprise them by booking a session for your friends as well. It’s one of the best ways to help them forget about this stress and prepare for what’s ahead. 

  • Mix ’em Up

From the long list explained already, you can select two or three to mix up. A little here and there will help you achieve that interesting and unique bachelorette party you’ve been looking forward to. 


Bachelorette party ideas can be traditional ones with a touch of some uniqueness. You have a long list of ideas to try out for your bachelorette party. Whichever you choose, ensure you have maximum fun with your friends.

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