How to Choose the Best Promise Ring for Him or Her

Promise rings have been one of the ancient ways couples and lovers show their love and willingness to continue with the relationship. Today, it has grown to become popular among people with a high level of acceptability. 

The process of searching for the best promise ring for him or her can be overwhelming. It’s similar to that of engagement rings too. For the best tips on how to choose the best promise ring for your partner, here’s a detailed article on it. 


  • Are You in for a Long-Term Commitment?

Getting someone a promise ring shows you’re willing to commit to them exclusively for a long time. So, the first question you should answer is if you’re ready for that or would like to study more. 

Also, discuss this with your partner and be sure they have similar goals in the relationship to avoid rejection or embarrassment. 

Once you have this settled, then you can proceed to search for the best promise ring to gift him/her. 

  • Select the Finger for the Ring

Before getting rings, knowing the size is key to ensure it fits properly. So, the next step after getting that renewed assurance of your relationship status is selecting the ring finger. Since it’s a promise ring, it can be worn on any finger. 

To select the finger, you can discuss it with your partner about it (if it’s not a surprise). However, if you’re planning a surprise and won’t want them to know, so work with any finger of your choice. 

  • Get the Ring Size

Now that you’re sure about the actual finger the ring will sit in, it’s time to know the ring size. Knowing the ring size helps you avoid wasting money especially if it’s going to be an expensive type. 

It also makes your partner eager to wear it. If the ring is too loose, it may lead to displacement and if it is too tight, it will make them uncomfortable. So, you need to find a balance.

You can measure the finger by using his/her previous rings or asking for a ring sizer’s measurement if your partner is aware of the idea already. 

  • Know More About the Ring Material

You should learn about the ring material and how to maintain it for longevity. So, take some time to read up about ring materials and the best that fits your partner’s activity. 

There are lots of ring materials and many today are combined for beauty, strength, and durability. However, knowing how to care for the ring helps you maintain them properly. 

For example, a titanium ring has more rigidity and is less prone to rust. So, if you want something that still stands even after numerous exposure to water, try this. 

Another thing to consider is what your partner prefers. So, you can talk about their preferences in either gold, silver, tungsten, titanium, or any other choice. This will guide you accordingly. 

  •  Ring Design 

After the ring material, comes the need to discuss the ring design. Just like the materials, there are tons of designs available as well; from subtle ones to extremely bold ones. 

You also need to consider your partner’s choice here because you’re getting it for them and not yourself. The only way you could judge rightly is when you agree on the same types of rings. 

Then, you should speak to your jeweler about the type of rings you want to get. 

Sometimes, engagement rings and promise rings are similar. Getting one that looks more like an engagement ring will misinform your partner. So, ensure you’re getting a promise ring and not the latter. 

  • Budget

How much are you willing to spend on the promise ring? It’s best to work with a budget that can be drawn before or after market surveillance. 

Your budget will help you find your specific ring type quickly and reduce the risk of overspending on the promised ring. 

To draw a budget, you can perform some quick searches online using the stores around you to get an estimate of the ring. 

Also, you can search some jeweler stores around you to compare prices before settling for a final company or vendor. 

  • Buy From a Reputable Store

As you’re searching to draw the budget, take time to check their reviews as well for any warnings about bad customer service or failure to deliver the rings. 

You can’t be too sure or trust these companies completely because scammers are increasing by the day. Except it’s a company you’ve known over the years, do your background check. 

If you’re buying in a walk-in store, then ask people around, especially those who have used their services before. 

Discuss their quality of service and most importantly, ask if they’ll be willing to buy from them again. The answer to this last question will tell you a lot without necessarily going into details. 

  • Ask For Help From His/Her Friend

If you’re getting so overwhelmed by this gifting process, then ask for help from your partner’s friends. You can decide to restrict the help to just one or two friends. 

This helps you reach a conclusion faster since they’re aware of what the person will appreciate better. 

It’s even better if your partner has a childhood best friend that’s still in the picture. Grab them by their hands and go on shopping together. 

You’ll be surprised how much you’re yet to know about your partner’s wants and dislikes. 

  • Gift It in a Fun Way

You don’t have to get all worked out about how to gift the ring. It’s your partner remember? And you too have decided to spend a long term together. So, just make it interesting and assure them of your undying love. 


A promise ring shows how you’re ready to move the relationship to the next level. If you’re planning to give one to your partner soon ensure you follow all these tips explained in the article. It’ll be a smooth and exciting period and journey for you.

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