Mens Wedding Bands provides a large selection of professionally made wedding bands from a variety of materials including tungsten carbide, titanium, wood, carbon fiber, and more. We offer premium customer service with quick response times. We also provide free USA shipping for all customers with optional express shipping upgrades available. All of our rings are in stock and ready to ship within 24 hours. If for any reason you’re not fully satisfied with your purchase, you can receive a full refund within 30 days. We also offer a free lifetime warranty that’s available for all customers at no additional charge. Shop through our wide collection of men’s wedding bands and find the perfect ring today.


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Original Mens Wedding Bands

When looking for a wedding band, it’s important to choose one that reflects your personality and preferences. Some men cherish the elegance and richness of a wider ring or a wedding band made of unusual materials like tungsten, platinum, carbon fiber, antler bone, dinosaur bone, Damascus steel, etc.

Others, on the other hand, like rings made of gold, silver, or diamond. Mens Wedding Bands provide a remarkable selection of men’s bands, notably ones made with ceramic or ones with wood finishes, crafted to reflect the uniqueness and style of the man wearing them.

Diverse Patterns

You will be captivated by the selection of ring styles that we sell. There are different styles and designs of rings available on our online store – every one of our unique men’s wedding bands has a unique polish that improves the ring’s appearance and how it feels when worn.

Our bands are ideal for men who wish to look well and stand out on their wedding day. Whether you want a straightforward ring, silicone band, or one with gem engravings or inlays, there is a wedding band on our website for every man.

Bespoke Inlays

Etching can significantly increase the originality of inlaid rings. Because of their scarcity and uniqueness, rings with inscriptions have increasingly increased in popularity. Mens Wedding Bands is your go-to store if you’re looking for a high-quality, relatively affordable band with engravings for your nuptials.

You may choose the perfect inlaid rings for yourself according to your preference because our rings are available in a broad range of materials and patterns. Our delivery is quick and efficient no matter where you are. Upon request, we can engrave inscriptions on your wedding bands. Get in touch with us if you want a ring with a distinctive inscription or gemstone on it.

High-Quality Rings

The men’s rings we sell are becoming more conventional than wedding rings made of gold and wedding band metal because of their durability and quality. All the rings in our store are of high quality. We do not compromise on quality; you don’t have to worry about getting a low-quality ring when shopping from our store.

Original Men's Bands

All of the mens wedding bands we sell are made by experienced jewelers using cutting-edge patterns, durable materials, and design. We have a ring for you, irrespective of whether you’re looking for platinum, titanium, or the in-demand unusual ring materials like dinosaur bone, antler bone, Damascus steel, or ceramic.

Men's Wedding Bands Selection

Tungsten Wedding Bands

Tungsten carbide is strong, and you can use a ring made from it for a long time. Tungsten rings does not need special care and maintenance. Wipe it with a wet cloth whenever it gets dirty, to bring back its shiny look.

Tungsten carbide bands are extremely durable. Tungsten wedding rings hey do not scratch or damage easily. There are varieties of tungsten wedding bands with different types of finishes in our store. Every tungsten ring in our store is original; you are sure of getting an authentic tungsten ring when you place an order.

Damascus Steel Rings

Damascus steel is rare. A Damascus steel ring is one of the rings that will make you stand out when you adorn your finger with it. Its rarity is one of the reasons why the material is becoming popular and sought-after in the jewelry industry.

Damascus steel may not be a vintage material, and as popular as gold and silver, but it is very durable and keeps its shiny finish for a long time. Our Damascus steel rings will amaze you as they come in different colors and designs, and we can also etch gems on them when you request them.

Ceramic Rings

Ceramic is one of the latest raw materials in the market for manufacturing men’s wedding bands. Ceramic is sturdy and durable with tough makeup. The ceramic rings we sell are a good option for men who are on a budget but still want a fine and quality wedding ring. Our ceramic rings do not scratch and it also has hypoallergenic properties – making them ideal for men with skin that is allergic to some ring raw materials.

Titanium Rings

Titanium is the best material to use if you want mens wedding rings that will last and feels good on your finger. You should pick a titanium ring for a variety of reasons – like its toughness, hypoallergenic properties, and attractive design. It is a strong, lightweight metal ideal for use in men’s bands.

Titanium does not rust or discolor, keeping its appearance for many years. Furthermore, titanium is hypoallergenic; it won’t irritate your skin in any way. Titanium has long been in the jewelry market, and it has varieties of finishes including brushed, smooth, matte, shiny, and more.

Antler Bone Rings

Every man out to own a wedding ring made with antler bone- it is rare and has an exceptional finish and unique quality. An antler bone ring will adorn you with an attractiveness you will cherish,  and also make a bold statement.

Antler bone men’s rings can add a touch of class to your wedding outfit because they are made with rare material – deer antler bone. Our antler bone men’s rings are designed by the best jewelers, and they are not expensive. You can use the ring for a long time provided you always maintain it.

Dinosaur Bone Rings

Dinosaur bone is another popular men’s ring raw material.  Dinosaur bone men’s rings are available in many colors, styles, and designs in our store. Choose one that you like when you want to make an order.

Platinum Rings

Men now prefer rings made with platinum to ones made with silver or gold. Platinum is among the best materials for men’s wedding rings because it does not scratch and it cannot bend. All our platinum rings do not corrode. When you buy from us, you won’t worry about your ring rusting because platinum is not reactive when in contact with water.

Points To Consider When Selecting A Wedding Band For Your Wedding


Every wedding ring is made with a distinct material. Rings are made with platinum, tungsten, titanium, antler bone, Damascus steel, wedding band metal, and other materials.


Men’s wedding bands come in a wide range of designs.

Four categories can be used to describe men’s wedding band styles:

Vintage Bands

Vintage bands feature a straightforward design. They can be plain or etched and are often made of gold or platinum.  While the latest men’s bands and traditional bands are comparable, the former may have more elaborate features.

Trendy Bands

Trendy bands have a fashionable appearance and are usually made of unconventional raw materials like titanium, ceramic, tungsten, carbon fiber, etc.

Bespoke Bands

Bespoke bands are available in practically any material and can be customized to match any style. They are ideal for men who want a unique and different wedding band.


Consider the cost before you go for a particular wedding band. Some wedding rings are more pricey and expensive than others, depending on the material used in producing the ring. Wedding rings can cost anywhere from a few dollars to thousands of dollars. Pick a band that suits your pocket.

Ring Size

You wouldn’t want to buy a ring that won’t fit snugly on your finger – not too tight and not too loose. Size is one of the things you should check before buying a wedding band.

Use any of these methods to check the size of your finger before placing an order for men’s rings in our store:

  • Check the circumference of your ring by taking the diameter and multiplying it by 3.14 (pi). This method is for men who have a ring already.

    Although this approach has a lesser margin of error, it can help you to check your ring size.

  • Use a sheet of thread linen if you don’t have a ring. Wrap the thread on the specific finger you will put the ring on and cut the ends. Afterward, use a ruler to measure the thread. The measurement you get is your ring size.

  • Statistics is also another approach to use and check the size of your ring finger. Normally, figures can show the ring size that would be ideal for people using age, weight, and height. For example, men who weigh up to 180 lbs can wear an 11-inch ring.


Using the size you get, ensure that you get a wedding band that fits properly. It shouldn’t be excessively snug or free, but ought to be comfy to wear.

How To Maintain Mens Wedding Bands

To preserve the durability of your ring and make it last long, just like with any other item of jewelry, proper maintenance is required.

Here are some pointers on how to go about it:

  • Keep your wedding band in a dry, sealed space like a jewelry box or safe when you are not wearing it.

  • Keep the ring away from corrosive chemicals. If it comes in contact with any chemical, wash it off immediately and dry it with a soft cloth.

  • Wipe-clean the ring with a soft cloth if it gets damp.

  • Take extra care of the ring by wiping the ring with mild soap and water if it becomes covered with dirt or other contaminants.

  • Avoid polishing your wedding ring with a polish that is not compatible with the ring’s underlying raw material as this can impair the shine.

Follow these instructions so you can prolong the lifespan of your wedding band.


When it concerns wedding rings for men, there are a few factors to take into account. Things like the type of material, the size, and the style of the ring. A wedding band can cost between a few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars plus. The underlying raw material used in producing the ring determines how much it will cost.


There are several reasons why men’s rings are affordable. One is that the request is lesser because they are less in demand than women’s wedding bands. Also, men’s rings are usually smaller and less complex than women’s wedding bands. It is ideal for jewelry without any excess detail to be inexpensive.

Why Patronize Us?

There are a lot of things our customers benefit from buying a wedding band from us. Some of them are:

Shipping Options

We have more than one shipping option on our checkout page. Proceed to place an order to see the available options you can choose from for your delivery.

Robust Customer Support Services

We not only sell durable mens wedding rings, but we also give our customers exceptional customer service support. Contact us through our email or mobile number whenever you want to make an inquiry.


We are experts in selling mens wedding bands. Even though we already have assorted rings in our store, we still constantly source trendy and classy men’s wedding band metal that may appeal to our customers. Skilled ring designers who know how to combine metals and ring materials to get a unique wedding ring manufacture all the wedding bands we sell.

We Are Trustworthy

We are men’s wedding band sales experts that shows extra care to their customers. Quality is something we never skimp on. We deliver as soon as an order is placed in our store. All the wedding bands we sell are manufactured by skilled jewelers who are aware of the best techniques to use and combine various metals and ring materials to produce distinctive wedding rings.

We Exclusively Offer Premium Men's Rings

The men’s wedding bands we sell come from reputable jewelers. We provide a variety of rings, including those made of trendy materials like ceramic, carbon fiber, Damascus steel, tungsten, dinosaur bone, antler bone, platinum, and other materials. We are a premier seller of wedding bands for men. We have a ring for you whether you are looking for metallic mens wedding bands, a ring with a wood finish, or men’s rings that contain gem engravings.

Our Delivery Is Swift

Based on your locality and the time of your order, we ship your rings as soon as you place an order. We also do same day delivery and store pickup. If you are within our locality in Washington, we can deliver your order to you on the same day. You can count on us. Our deliveries are timely.

We Have Experience

For many years, we have been in the business of selling men’s wedding rings. We specialize in selling stylish rings created from durable materials. The ring you purchase from us, whether it be for yourself or a man in your life, will last for a long time as long as the owner takes care of it.

User-Friendly Store

Our online store is user-friendly and you can cart compare items in our online store. We make things easier for our customers by categorizing each ring’s raw materials – there’s a section for platinum rings, dinosaur bone rings, titanium rings, antler bone rings, etc. All the ring materials we sell have distinct sections to enable you to find the type of ring you want. Shoppers can use ‘search words’ or ‘text search’ to search for any type of wedding band. They can also do a visual search find to shop similar items search when looking for unique men’s wedding bands. Browsing through our ring products is seamless; you won’t have any glitches while going through the list of men’s rings in our store.

Pick A Classy Ring From Men's Wedding Bands

Everything in our store is under specified categories. Shopping for mens wedding bands in our online store is easy and simple. Whenever you check out our online store, you will surely see a ring that will appeal to your taste.

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