How to Look Your Best in Your Wedding Photographs

Wedding pictures are one of the most cherished by couples. It’s one way to reminisce on the happiest day of their lives and remember those who were there to celebrate. 

This importance makes it a must to look your best in wedding photographs, either as the bride or groom. 

This article has detailed information on the best ways to look your best in your wedding photographs. 

Read on!

Hire a Good Photographer

Looking best in your wedding photographs really starts with the professional handling the job. Before the wedding, take enough time to prepare for the pictures and search around for the best photographers near you. 

This is because an expert in the field will have the right skills to make you relax amidst the buzzing activities of the day for a good shot. Also, they have the experience and best locations in mind to give you that perfect result. 

Select a Good Location

Talking about locations, it’s another thing to consider to have you look your best in the pictures. 

There are tons of ideas on this, from the natural environment like beachside, and gardens, to historic buildings, hotel interiors, and lots more. 

As you’re planning the wedding, you need to also reflect on what you’d want the pictures to look like. This helps you decide with your photographer and book the venue ahead (if need be). 

Test With an Engagement Photo Shoot

Just right before the wedding day, you should consider getting an engagement shoot done with your partner. It helps you test the skillfulness of the photographer. 

It also helps you select the best location for the day (if you’re yet to do that).  

When the picture comes out, you can judge whether or not to continue with the photography for your wedding pictures.

Work With a Professional Makeup Artist

If you’re considering getting all glammed up for your wedding, then the touch of a professional makeup artist will definitely give you the best look in the pictures. 

Your face says a lot on your wedding day and you don’t want it to look all confusing in pictures. 

Most times, it’s advisable the couple work with a professional makeup artist they’ve known and used over the years. This way, you trust the person’s work and rely on their prowess to add more beauty to your face. 

However, if you’ll be working with a new make-up artist, then do your research well. Ask for referrals from your colleagues or family members. Then, you could have a trial make-up session booked to see what the wedding look will be. 

Getting that perfect wedding picture has a lot to do with your makeup artist, so ensure you’re using the best professional around. 

Hire the Best Hairstylist

Another tip to have the best look in your wedding pictures is to hire the best hairstylist. 

If you’ll be styling your hair, then you have to pay attention to selecting a style that fits your face. 

This selection process should be done with your potential hairstylist around, so you’ll get to know the pros and cons of each style. 

More so, if you’ll love to have different looks on the day, then think about changing your hairstyles as well. 

While this may not be important, it’s best to put all these into consideration as the hairstyle complements the dress and whole look in the pictures. It’s best not to leave this stone unturned, 


Getting a good sleep days before the wedding helps to keep your face relaxed. Even if you’ll be hiring a make-up artist, they’re not magicians and you don’t want eyebags showing in your pictures. 

So, take enough time to rest from the whole wedding planning process – it’s a lot, really. But assign it to people around or better still hire a wedding planner. These professionals are available to ease that stress and get you looking your best for the day. 

Dress Up on Time

Rushing ruins everything. It makes whole days and months of preparation worthless. So, get dressed on time. 

Like the point above, assign all the other tasks to your wedding planner and get enough rest. Also, sleep early. The saying goes, ‘early to bed, early to rise’. 

There are a whole lot more things to handle in the morning and the attention will be on you. So, save some time for the other greetings and discussions that may pop up on your wedding morning by prepping ahead. 

Keep your stylists close to you, either in the same hotel room or close by. You don’t want unforeseen circumstances hindering them from starting early. 

Also, remember your bridal train will be getting ready too, and you’ll need them shown in the pictures. So, plan to wake up early. 

Be Natural

To be honest, there’s a tendency to always get agitated about how you look, which makes you keep adjusting your dress or suit all the time. 

Do not focus on how you look. If you’re concerned, this is to tell you that you look stunning and everyone is happy to share in your joy.

So, now that you know your look is stunning, remain natural in all the activities of the day. Let the photographer do his/her thing and you’ll be amazed at the wonderful pictures you’ll be given after the event. 

Touch Up On Your Makeup

If you’re the groom, then you’ll need to remind your wife about the need to touch up before the series of photographs is taken. 

The dancing, maybe jumping, some tears, and all that stuff will have had some toll on the face, so quickly touch up before the next event/activity. 

This is one thing to discuss with your makeup artist before hiring for the wedding. Some professionals only stay for the make-up session and leave. 

If your makeup artist is insisting on leaving, then you need to assign the task to a friend that has a good idea of how it’s done. If not, hire another makeup artist who is willing to wait. 


After all said and done, you’re free to take all your pictures with those poses you have. From this article, you can see that it all depends on the professionals you’re hiring for the job. 

They have the task to help you remain comfortable throughout the day while giving the best shot. Hope you really get the results you wish for.

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