Fun Ideas on Things You Will Not Regret Doing on Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life. It is the day you and your significant other exchange vows and make a lifelong commitment to one another. 

While it’s normal to be overwhelmed given the extensive planning and organization required for the occasion, it is imperative that you enjoy yourself and create lifelong memories.

Organizing fun activities for you and your spouse and guests on your wedding day is one of the ways to ensure you have a wonderful day. 

There are a lot of fun activities you and your partner can do on your wedding day to make it special – ranging from more conventional ones like a bouquet toss or creative ones like playing fun couple games.

In this article, you will see some fun ideas on things you will not regret doing on your wedding day. These suggestions will spice up your big day and make the event to be one you will not forget in a hurry.

Let’s get into details immediately!

  1. Dancing to Your Satisfaction

Your first dance together as husband and wife will live long in your memory, so it’s crucial that you make it worthwhile. You will never regret dancing to your satisfaction on your wedding day. 

If possible, consider taking dance classes with your spouse before the big day to ensure that you dance in unison and that you both enjoy the dance.

  1. Making a Memory Box

Making a memory box is a good way to save memories from your wedding day. You can also add things like a letter to your future selves and your wedding photographs and vows in the box for remembrance. 

In the long term, on a significant anniversary, you can then open the memory box; you will not regret it.

  1. Having a Live Band

What is a wedding without music? If you are not on a tight budget, hire a live band to come and play at your wedding to make the occasion special. People will always vibe to good music – everyone will dance until the wedding party is over.

  1. Tossing a Bouquet

The bouquet toss is an age-old wedding custom that is still widely practiced today. Tossing your flower bouquet on your wedding day is an act you will never regret doing. 

You can organize it for all the single women and potential bachelors that will attend the occasion.

  1. Conducting a First-look Picture Shoot

A first-look photo shoot is a special time when the groom and bride see each other for the first time on their wedding day. You will never regret performing a first-look picture shoot on your wedding day. You and your partner will cherish this personal and private time for many years to come.

  1. Hiring a Disc Jockey (DJ)

Although having a live band is essential, having a DJ that will play contemporary music on your wedding day is also crucial. One of the easiest ways to get people dancing on your big day is to hire a wedding DJ. You will not regret doing it as people will have fun and enjoy the moment.

  1. Having a Customized Magazine for Your Guests

There will always be a waiting period at most weddings, and having a customized magazine for your guests will keep them busy while they wait. 

Doing this will keep your guests from complaining about being bored or kept waiting while you and your spouse get ready to kick-start the occasion.

  1. Setting Up a Fun Photo Booth

One of the ways to make your wedding memorable and have premium enjoyment with your guests is to have a photo booth. You can rent a photography booth, or you build your own DIY model. 

Adorn the photo booth with decorations, banners, and balloons, to help your guests have as much fun as they want; you won’t regret doing it.

  1. Providing a Means of Transportation for Your Guests

Making vehicles available for your guests is an act you will not regret doing on your wedding day, regardless of the location you choose for the event. 

This particular idea will ease the elderly guests’ stress of going to and from the venue themselves. In addition, you won’t get a call from anybody informing you that they are having difficulty locating the place.

  1. Making Drinks Available at a Signature Bar

Even though you will have drinks served to your guests at their tables, setting up a signature bar to serve a special trademark drink will make an impression. 

Having a garnish section where your guests can add extras such as fruit chunks, consumable flowers, palatable cocktail toppings, and popping candies to their drink will offer a whole new level of fun. You won’t regret doing it.

  1. Having Enjoyable Food Stands

Food is typically a spotlight on occasions – including weddings. Push things a step further and inject some fun into your food terminals, you won’t regret doing it. 

There are various ways of making your food stands entertaining for your guests – like having a dessert buffet or a DIY candy station.

  1. Making Provision for a Quiet Disco

Having a quiet disco with other types of music at your wedding is worth it. No other form of activity can rival the mood of a quiet disco, especially if your guests are people who love having fun. 

You won’t regret having a quiet disco played at your wedding, and it’s ideal if the event center has a policy on noise restriction.

  1. Organizing an Unexpected Show

Surprising your spouse or guests with a special show is an idea you won’t regret – like a short concert, dance, or music on your wedding day. You can make arrangements for the show to be done at the wedding party venue or privately at home if you want it to be for just your spouse.

  1. Having a Special Personal Music

You can make arrangements for the songs that speak to you and your partner to be played on your wedding day instead of the regular wedding songs. 

Typical wedding songs are lovely and made specifically for marriage ceremonies, but choosing a unique song that has special importance to you and your partner—whether it has lyrics or not—will make you, your spouse, and your guests feel more at ease.

  1. Arriving at the Venue in a Helicopter

If you can afford it, use a helicopter to transport yourself and your spouse to your wedding venue. It’s worth every penny you will spend on it, and you will not regret it. Organize your guests outside so they will see when the helicopter will land.

  1. Lighting Fireworks for Send-off

Having the final phase of your wedding which is a send-off with fireworks is a lovely and special way to bring your wedding to an end. You can tell your guests to light fireworks and use them to make a trail of light and love as you and your spouse walk out from the venue.

  1. Involving Fire Performers

You will never regret getting fire blowers to add an extra thrill to your wedding reception. They perform incredible, thrilling, risky stunts and choreography that will amaze your guests. Their performance will make your guests keep referring to your wedding for many years to come.

  1. Exchanging Romantic Letters with Your Spouse

Although it sounds unconventional, exchanging romantic letters with your spouse on your wedding day is fascinating and will bring smiles to your partner’s face. 

You might decide for the letters to be read aloud at the wedding reception. It’s a fun activity you won’t regret doing on your wedding day.

  1. Fixing Games Into the Reception Activities

Making sure that your guests have a good time during your wedding party is one fun thing you won’t regret doing on your wedding day. You can discuss with the master of ceremony and ask them to call you and your partner up for games while the ceremony is on.

You can decide to play games like “the shoe game”, where the bride and groom back themselves in front of the audience while holding their footwear interchangeably.

The MC will ask you and your spouse the following questions, “Who declared their love for the other first?”, “Who initiated the first physical meeting?”, etc. You and your partner will respond to the queries by raising the shoe that best fits your response.

  1. Having Unconventional Wedding Ceremony Arrangement

You must not set your wedding reception hall the traditional way. Be creative with it so you can fill your guests with surprises when they arrive at the venue and enter the hall. A unique seating arrangement is certain to make a good first impression.

Having the chairs set in a half-moon arrangement on either side of the aisle will add some aesthetics to your wedding hall. 

It will provide your guests with a better and clear viewpoint from where they are seated instead of having to look over the person next to them. 

If you decide to have a small wedding ceremony, you can make your seating arrangement in the form of a circle so your guests can see the stage well.

  1. Erecting a Glitter Bar

You can never go wrong on your big day by mounting a sparkly bar. Do you plan to have a wedding with a festival theme? 

Having a glitter bar is a wonderful idea – it will make your guests enjoy the event by partying and dancing under the disco lights with beautiful and festival-style sparkles on their faces.

  1. Going on a Romantic Ride After the Wedding Reception

Although it might look unusual, going on a romantic ride after your wedding reception in the evening is one thing you will never regret doing on your big day. 

You must not plan it exclusively, you can turn your ride back home from the reception arena into a romantic one. 

Ask the driver to drive you and your spouse around town for a while before taking you home. It can be a really fun way to bond and hang out with each other.

  1. Making Plans for a Special Activity

Planning for special activities like wine tasting or a romantic stroll for you and your spouse will give you the opportunity to spend some private time together and make enjoyable memories. 

If possible, fix the wine tasting within the activities of the day at the wedding reception and leave the romantic stroll for later in the evening or at night after the event.

You can also make arrangements with surprise gift curators to deliver surprise gifts to your spouse at home after the event. You can never go wrong with it because your spouse will appreciate the kind gesture.

  1. Having a Saxophonist Perform

You can hire a saxophonist if you want your entry to your wedding reception hall to be outstanding. The saxophonist’s performance won’t be for only you, rather, your guests will also enjoy the show because they will add extra vibes and fun to the event.

  1. Planning a Special Wedding Entrance

The last on the list of fun things you will not regret doing on your wedding day is planning a special wedding entrance. 

Your guests’ eyes will be on you and your spouse starting from when you dance into the hall till when the party’s over. You can hire a stylish or unique vehicle to bring you to the reception arena. 

The sight of the vehicle will announce your arrival and the surprised look that will appear on the faces of your guests is something you cannot forget in a hurry.

Final Words

Your wedding day is a day that you will remember forever since it will be filled with love, fun, and special moments.  

Whether you want to have a bouquet toss, erect a special photo booth for fun, plan for a couple’s games during the reception, arrange for a piece of quiet disco music, plan a sparkler send-off, etc, these events will bring happiness and extra spice to your wedding day; you will not regret doing them. 

Utilize the fun ideas and suggestions listed in this article while planning your big day to ensure that you and your guests enjoy the moment and never forget it in a hurry.

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